Privacy Policy


Keeping a client’s privacy is one of the most important obligations QLSeeker owes to every client whether a casual or continuing client. QLSeeker takes all reasonable steps to ensure the privacy and safekeeping of the client’s confidential information.

  • QLSeeker owes a client a duty to hold in strict confidence all information concerning the personal and business affairs of the client acquired during the course of providing the service.
  • The confidential information includes the information acquired by various communication tools like online form, e-mail, telephone, fax or interview in person.
  • The confidential information shall not be disclosed to a third party unless the disclosure is expressly authorized by the client or is required by law.
  • QLSeeker does not share a client’s information with the other web site linked to our web site. Therefore, QLSeeker is not responsible for the confidentiality of a client’s information collected by the linked web site. A Client has to check the privacy policy of the web site when they disclose their confidential information to the web site.
  • QLSeeker owes a duty to preserve the client’s confidential information even after the client suspend the use of our service or termination of the retainer.
  • To make sure that your personal information is securely transmitted to QLSeeker, SSL is implemented in all our online forms and inquiry pages.