Federal Skilled Worker and Express Entry Self-Assessment

Our self-assessment tool will help you determine if you meet the requirements of Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Class as well as if you have enough express entry score to be invited to apply for your permanent resident status of Canada.

FSW self assessment:

Express Entry score calculation:

Free Eligibility Assessment

QLSeeker provides individuals who wish to apply for permanent resident status of Canada under Federal Skilled Worker Class(FSW), Canadian Experience Class(CEC), Federal Skilled Trade Class(FST) and Quebec Skilled Worker Class and Family Class with its eligibility assessment service. This service will be provided by QLSeeker’s licensed immigration consultants.

Please fill out and submit the following online assessment form. Your online form will be transmitted to our firm in the extremely secured environment supported by 128 bit SSL(*1) implementation. Within one week after sending your online form, you will receive the result of assessment and professional advice. All the information you provide will be kept confidential as you can see in QLSeeker’s privacy policy.

Express Entry (FSW, CEC, FST):

Family Class:

(*1)SSL is all about encryption. SSL encrypts data, like personal information you provide to immigration lawyers or consultants, which prevents anyone with malicious intent from stealing your information. If you are on an SSL protected page when the address begins with “https” and there is a padlock icon at the bottom of the page, your browser encrypts the data and sends to our site using 128-bit encryption. Your personal information will be totally safe with us.Therefore, if you don’t see SSL implementation on the site your are about to use, you may want to avoid sending your personal information on-line.

Consultation Service

For individuals who have case specific questions relating to permanent resident status or temporary resident status or wish to receive formal eligibility assessment from Immigration professionals, QLSeeker will provide consultation service by email, phone, Skype or in person based on the detailed information you provide. If you are interested in purchasing our service, please fill out and submit the following online inquiry form. You will be informed of the fee and detailed procedure to receive our consultation service.

Inquiry Form

Visa Application Support

For clients who have received QLSeeker’s Quebec skilled worker eligibility assessment or consultation service, QLSeeker’s immigration consultant provides Visa Application Support as well. As per the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations, any immigration consultant representing or advising applicants with fees must be a member of ICCRC.

Our services include:

  • Strategize, reanalyze your case and develop the case strategy
  • Help to obtain the necessary supporting documents for your application
  • Review your application forms to eliminate errors/omissions
  • Prepare an effective covering letter for your application
  • Represent the client’s case to CIC
  • Monitor the application process until obtaining a permanent resident visa
  • Communicate with CIC during the application process
  • Help to prepare for an interview, if invited
  • Review and problem-solve the client’s case if any issue arises in the application process


For clients who have been assessed as a qualified candidate to apply for a permanent resident visa or a work/study permit after having our consultation service or assessment service, QLSeeker provides a quotation for Visa Application Support as well as its payment plans. QLSeeker is committed to providing services on a reasonable flat rate basis (instead of charging by the hour). Where feasible, reasonable payment plans may be negotiated.