Why Canada?


Eight reasons why Canada is a popular destination for immigrants

1. Best County in the World

For the past few years, the United Nations has rated Canada as one of the best countries in the world for over all quality of life. Canadians enjoy a comfortable standard of living, good health care, social security, high level of education and safe and clean environment.

2. Welcoming Immigration

No other country in the world has been welcoming immigration as actively as Canada. Canada has been receiving between 200,000 and 250,000 immigrants every year. Neither nationality nor religious beliefs of applicants have any effect on the selection results.

3. Multicultural Society

Canada is a country of immigrants and has both tradition and policy of encouraging multicultural diversity. The individual cultures and views are respected and show-cased throughout the country. As a result, most ethnic foods and recreational activities associated with specific cultures are available.

4. Safe Country

Canada is considered to be a peaceful, safe and orderly country. Canada’s crime rate has been falling steadily since 1990’s. Unlike United States, firearms are strictly controlled and generally are not permitted.

5. Best Health Care System in the World

Canada’s modern health care system is among the best in the world. It is universally offered to all citizens and permanent residents of Canada. Basic health care coverage is free of charge. The government spends totally $50 billion on health care and about $1800 for each Canadian resident every year.

6. World-class Quality Education

Canada offers free elementary and secondary school education and post-secondary education is heavily subsidized. This makes Canada’s workforce one of the world’s most educated and highly skilled. 40% of Canada’s workforce has a college diploma. The average size of classroom for elementary school is 16 students.

7. Most Cost-competitive for Business

According to the result of the 2004 KPMG “Competitive Alternatives” international business cost study, Canada was ranked number one as the most cost-competitive country to do business. This makes Canada one of the most attractive investment climates in the world for companies looking to establish or expand their business in North America.

8. Beautiful Country

Canada is the second largest country in the world and is well-known for the impressive diversity of its landscapes: ancient boreal forests, wheat plains and prairies, rugged mountains and crystal blue lakes. This makes Canada a country of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, canoeing and camping.